The Odd Times EP

by The Song Dynasty

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released March 9, 2012

kate lewis: vocals, backing vocals
nick muzyczka: keyboards, backing vocals
ryan baird: guitars
seth kearns: drums, percussion

audrey su: backing vocals (2)
dennis ming nichols: trombone (3)

all song written by the song dynasty

recorded at tidal sound studios, portland, me
and the 72 studio, shanghai, china

engineered by seth kearns and ryan baird

mixed and mastered by ryan baird

produced by the song dynasty

production assistance by audrey su



all rights reserved


The Song Dynasty 上海市, China

A mysterious blend of rock, funk, and dub with a deep groove. High energy with a highly textred sound brought about by electronic devices and loop machines. Bright lead vocals with lyrics anyone can relate to.

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Track Name: Solid Ground
Solid Ground

Walking alone, I feel a low drone
Each step like a drum in my ears
Vary your stride or you won't get by
Though it seems you been walking for years
Move to the left back to the right now
Watch out they're creeping behind
Don't move your head or blink your eyes
This is no place for taking your time

And if you come down from the clouds
To the place where it is getting too loud
You will see you are free...solid ground
Just don't turn around

Sitting alone I hear a low tone
The silence it fills up the air
Barely awake, I feel the earth shake
Too lightly to warrant a care
Move my head slowly to the right now
Not disturbing the still in the room
Can't find the peace, need to release this feeling
Of sorrow and gloom
Track Name: Better Know
Better Know

We live side by side
But no two the same, not ever
No one can deny
Life is more than changing weather
Do we have the time
Is it all a wasted effort
Mountains 10 miles high
Must start with one tiny pebble

If you want water, dig a ditch, and
If you want to cross you'll need a bridge, and
If you wanna float you'll need a boat, but
If the boat's sinking, you better start can I handle this

Listen to the past
Don't repeat the same mistakes
We grow up so fast
If we don't take time time's taken
Let's be better friends
Let us learn each others' names

Are we the ones who need to see
Better know, the answer's in me
Are we the ones who need to do
Better know, the answer's in you
Are we the ones who need to hear
Better know, the answer's so clear

Lessons will be learned
So much can be said with silence
All your merits earned
Lands will form from tiny islands
Lend a helping hand
We are all in this together
Lessons will be learned
Track Name: Grab Your Cap
Grab Your Cap

I see you smiling, I know your thoughts
I'm no mind reader but you wear it like a bad tie
You know, and I know, and they know too
She's got no business being here with you
So get out, with that selfish grin
Cause she can boot you out just like she let you in
Don't forget to grab your cap and lock the door
Don't be running 'round here no more

Use your head boy. You're gonna lose your head boy.
It was love at another time. Love at another time.
Now's not the other time. Love at another time.

What do you feel before you lay your head?
Each night in your dreams do you hear her voice like music playing?
What is he knew the things you do?
Would he knock you down? Would he spare you?
What do you hope to come to in the end?
Want to leave this life with not one friend?
Well, I hope you listen to the words I say.
You can't just going around acting that way.
Track Name: I Thought Maybe
I Thought Maybe

I thought maybe I might try to climb a mountain
I went to where I could see straight up to the top
But it wasn't my day, and it wasn't the time
Instead I'll just read up on the hill
I thought maybe I might try to fix the climate
I boarded a plane heading straight up for the sun
But it ran out of gas, plus it got pretty warm
Instead I think I'll just ride my bike
I thought maybe I might try to stop the fighting
I mailed letters to all of them filled up with love
They got lost in the mail, plus the postage was high
Instead I'll just smile at passers-by
Track Name: The Worm
The Worm

Hide in dark corners for most of my days to avoid the sunlight
Its just easier for me to get away from predators, find the prey, in moonshine
Plus the friends I keep believe what I say
When they can't right away see the smile on my face
Its a miracle that I still get away
Just take a piece of me, it will grow back, you'll see

How can he carry on this way, you wonder
Well I ask you...don't you know who I am?
I am the one who knows just what you want to hear
So I ask you....don't you know who I am?

Rain clouds they fall I must escape the dirt. I can't swim and won't learn
Make my way on to the sidewalk where the boys and the girls hustle past, they take turns
When the rain dries up at last I will return
Nestled back in the ground, all of my comfort found
Others stayed out and dried up so lesson learned
Too much of any thrill will leave you limp and still, but still...

Nestled back in the ground I am at home because too much of any thrill will make you
limp so just take a piece of me it will grow back you see.